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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

Call for Abstract / Papers for an Edited Volume: “Application of Capability Approach to Achieving Sustainable Development Goals”

Sustainable Human Development Thematic Group (SHDTG) of the Human Development and Capability Association (HDCA)

The important of capability approach to sustainable development goals (SDGs) cannot be overemphasised. Scholars have suggested that the SDGs must be grounded in a ‘capability approach’ – where ‘success’ is measured not by economic indicators such as gross domestic product (GDP) or gross domestic income (GDI), but by people leading meaningful, fulfilled, happy or satisfied lives. There are some concerns in many quarters about the risk of the SDGs remaining an empty aspiration if social and economic policies do not shift to a reasonable degree to practically achieving the specific SDGs to benefit those that seem to be ‘left behind’ – including the poor, the vulnerable, those facing inequality of any sort, injustice, discrimination, lack of education, unemployment etc. On this backdrop, the proposed edited book, seeks abstracts from potential contributors on the thematic area of application of capability approach to achieving sustainable development goals. The proposed edited book will be a collection of contributions (book chapters) from experts internationally. The work will evaluate from different theoretical perspectives, empirical lens, and interdisciplinarity, how the application of capability approach can contribute to the realisation of any of the 17 SDGs adopted by the United Nations in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2015. Various topics, areas, and disciplinary inquiry are acceptable, so long as they use capability approach to address how to achieve one (or more) of the SDGs.

Submission deadline

Word count for abstract – 300 words; deadline is 21 April 2021, and acceptance will be communicated by 05 May 2021.

Manuscript Format: The full draft of papers in English (10000-12000 words including references using foot-notes APA 6th format style) based on accepted abstract is 30 September 2021. Papers should be formatted as follows: Times new roman, 12 pt., double-spaced. Abstract and papers should be submitted to in word processing formats (Doc or Docx).

Copyright: Papers submitted to the edited volume should not have been published elsewhere in their current or substantial similar format. Additionally, the papers should not be under consideration for publication with another publisher/journal. Authors are responsible for acquiring permissions from copyright holders for the reproduced materials such as tables, illustrations or figures.

Plagiarism: The submitted manuscripts will be checked for originality via iThenticate or similar checking software during the review process. Any articles that do not conform to the rule/guidelines will be sent back to the authors.

Editor (via SHDTG):

Dr. Brian-Vincent IKEJIAKU has UG and PG degrees in Politics/IR, Law, and Business, with an interdisciplinary PhD gained from the Keele University, UK. Currently a Senior Lecturer at the Coventry University, UK. His research interests (in the interdisciplinary fields of law, politics/IR, & international development) include international law & global development; the rule of law & economic development process; human development & capability approach; poverty-conflict nexus; inequality, crime, injustice, and development.

• Relevant publications:

  • - Ikejiaku, Brian, Migration, Poverty, the Role State, Law and Development in the Industrialised Countries of Europe (‘In review’ Oxford European J. of Int. Law).
  • - Ibid, (2021) The Role of Law and the Rule of Law in Economic Development Process within the Context of Islamic World: De-linking Oil & Gas Project and Re-linking International Legal Reform’ (Manchester J. of Int. Eco Law Vol. 18 ‘In Press’).
  • - Ibid, (2020) The Role of Law and the Role of Rule of Law in Economic Development Process: Quest for New Direction and Approach in International Development Law Regime Denver Journal of International Law & Policy (DJILP), Vol. 47 Issue 1, 30-51.
  • - Dzidza, P., Jackson, I., Normanyo, A., Walsh, M., & Ikejiaku, B. (2019), Educational Policies on Access and Reduction of Poverty: The Case of Ghana: International Journal on World Peace, Vol. XXXV, 2, 53-82
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