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Book on “The Capability Approach and Sustainability”

It is rather astonishing that the issue of sustainability first posed by the Brundtland commission in 1987 has gained so little attention from capability scholars despite the focus of the approach on human well-being.  The book “The Capability Approach and Sustainability” has recently been published as the first book dedicated exclusively on this issue. Essentially based on the special issue of the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities published in February 2013, it starts with a contribution by Amartya Sen on the “Ends and Means of Sustainability”. All contributions focus on the difficulties that arise from a freedom-oriented view of sustainability.  The introduction by the editors Felix Rauschmayer and Ortrud Leßmann has been adapted and the article on “Human Development and Sustainability” written by Eric Neumayer has been added to complete coverage of recent works on the topic.  For more information, see:

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