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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

Maitreyee, E-bulletin of the HDCA

Maitreyee, the E-bulletin of the HDCA, analyzes in each issue a specific theme that relates to the human development and capability approach. New editions are no longer being published, but we invite you to browse past issues, each of which includes:

  • Short articles which are written by experts in the field and which provide a brief overview of the literature for the non-specialist reader.
  • Short reviews of practical work being done.

Maitreyee is a starting point for academics and practitioners who work in human development areas and who are seeking a brief introduction to research and work undertaken on a number of human development topics.

Each issue is guest edited by HDCA members.

Past issues of Maitreyee can be accessed by registered website users as well as members.

Overview of all past Maitreyee issues

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