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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

Human Development & Capability Debate Series

Titles which have appeared so far:

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In the early 1980s, Amartya Sen started to develop new ethical foundations of economics with the ‘capability approach’. The Human Development Reports have been the main instruments of spreading of the insights of the capability approach to a policy audience. At the academic level, the Journal of Human Development and Capabilities has been the main vehicle through which latest research on the capability approach and its applications to the social sciences is being spread. This Taylor & Francis Debates Series is meant to supplement the Journal. It aims to make an up-to-date overview of the insights of the capability approach in a given social science or policy area available for the student and academic body, and policy audience. Each book will introduce the distinctive perspective that the normative framework of the capability approach brings to a specific topic, such as gender, education, children, disability, indigenous people and poverty measurement. The topics covered will parallel the HDCA thematic groups on the topics, as well as some of the topics covered in the human development textbook. The books will also reflect a perspective on a specific topic, a perspective which is always open to debate. For example, should one consider the capability approach as a theory of justice and human development as an alternative economic paradigm to capitalism? Various authors will offer various perspectives on social science themes from within the human development and capability approach traditions of thought.

Publisher: Routledge.

Information on book series on Routledge website

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