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Agency, Well-Being and Justice

Master in Cooperation and Development, University of Pavia

November 2024 - June 2025
Applications due June 30, 2024 at 1 pm UTC

The Master Program in Cooperation and Development (CD) of the University of Pavia is the first Master’s Program in the field of international cooperation established in Italy and running continuously since 1997. Organized by the University of Pavia, one of the oldest universities in Europe, the program is carried out with the significant support of three Italian NGOs – CISPCOOPI, and VIS.

The Master aims at training professionals in the field of international cooperation through highly qualified academic and professional training. Students are integrated into a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment.

Students coming from all over the world, from different cultural and academic backgrounds are exposed to an intensive period of study, followed by a direct field experience. Usually, the class is composed of half Italians and half foreigners, mostly coming from developing countries.

Students are prepared to work for NGOs, international organizations, governmental bureaus, research centers, and public or private Institutions in the field of cooperation and development.

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