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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

Mr. Alihonou Sèdjro Achille Tokin

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  • Position: Étudiant
  • Affiliation: Université de Parakou
  • Country: Benin

Research interests:
Fécondité Adolescent Capacité Contraception Sexualité

Thematic Groups:
Empowerment and Collective Capabilities Foundational Issues in the Capability Approach Participatory Methods Quantitative Research Methods

Regional Network:
Francophone Africa Network

Acerca de Alihonou Sèdjro Achille Tokin

He is a Beninese demographic engineer who has dedicated his career to managing development programs. He has worked as a manager in monitoring, evaluation, learning and accountability in international organizations such as American agencies (Tetra Tech/USAID, Catholics Reliefs Services), the French agency of international expertise (expertise France) and the Belgian Cooperation. Currently, he is a doctoral student in demography and is conducting research at the Laboratory of Research in Population and Development Sciences (LaReSPD) at the University of Parakou in Benin. His research activities focus on the issue of adolescent sexual and reproductive health. He is also a teaching assistant at the Ecole Nationale de la Statistique, de la Planification et de la Démographie (ENSPD) of the University of Parakou. His research interests include reproductive health, health sociology, family demography and life course. Within the framework of this research, he discovered the capability approach through the publications of Professor Claudine Sauvain-Dugerdil, which interested him greatly. This approach is used as a grid to analyze the data of his doctoral research. Recently, he took on the responsibility of project manager for the International Non-Governmental Organization (INGO) Santé Monde-Codéveloppement International which has its headquarters in the Pavillon de l'Est of Laval University and is conducting a project covering Benin, Mali and Burkina Faso. Since then, he has been interested in the capability approach and has applied it in his doctoral research projects.

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