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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

The impact of Child Maltreatment on Children’s Human Capabilities in Aruba

In honor of World Social Work Day 2021, the Center for Lifelong Learning and the Department of Social Work & Development of the University of Aruba cordially invite you to attend this presentation

Tuesday, March 16 
7 pm - 9 pm (Aruba time)
Via zoom

Child maltreatment is a social and public health concern with far-reaching consequences for the child, family, society, and the economy. Given that the Human Capability Approach is a normative and evaluative framework to measure human development that captures the quality of life, wellbeing, human dignity, flourishing, human rights, and social justice, the research explored a conceptual basis for valorizing child maltreatment as a capability deprivation using Nussbaum's list of 10 central human capabilities. It adapted the Netherlands NPM 2010 Child Maltreatment survey as measurements. The webinar will present the national school survey findings amongst 895 children between 12-17 years in Aruba

Clementia Eugene is a lecturer at the UA. Clementia has a Clinical Social Work background and teaches in the Faculty of Arts and Science in the Department of Social Work and Development. She is a Ph.D. candidate focusing on a national research on "Child Maltreatment in Aruba: A Human Development Perspective.”

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