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Call for Papers: Journal de Ciencias Sociales (Journal of Social Sciences). Special Issue on Social Problems in Latin America. A view from the Capability Approach

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The Journal de Ciencias Sociales (Journal of Social Sciences) of the Universidad de Palermo- whose Editor is Graciela Tonon- invites researchers, academics and PhD students to send their articles and essays for publication in the Special Issue 2020 dedicated to Social Problems in Latin America: a view from the Capability Approach.

Empirical and conceptual papers are invited in relation to the following topics: Gender, Social Movements, Social Programs, Empowerment, Public Policies, Research Methods, Technology, Innovation, Inequalities, Poverty, Human Rights, Indigenous People, Children and Youth, Elder People, Sustainability, Safety, Education, Health, Disabilities, Migrations, Collective Capabilities.

The deadline for submissions is November 29, 2019. 

The Journal of Social Sciences is the Academic Open Access Journal of the Social Sciences School of the University of Palermo, Argentina. It is an innovative proposal in the field of scientific publishing, with original productions, mainly articles and essays -as a central corpus of the journal- and special sections: International Politics, Book Review and Rescue, and Student Contributions, both in Spanish and English. (in case the link opens the site in Spanish, you can change it from the right side of it where you will find a dropdown menu to select the language)

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