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Human Development &
Capability Association

Agency, Well-Being and Justice

Master Programme in Human Development and Food Security

The Master in Human Development and Food Security is a truly international course that draws students from all over the world. Professors are from prestigious universities and International organizations in United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy. Teaching and learning experience are well-structured, practical issues are discussed and students get to meet high level professionals by participating in international debates and global discussions on trends in human development and food security. Our innovative partnerships with United Nations Agencies as WFP and with many other NGOs and organizations, offer students the opportunity to garner substantial experience through group research, internships and consultancy positions.
The Program consists of 12 months, with lectures held in Rome (October - July), followed by an Internship/dissertation/field research in Italy or abroad (August – October). The theoretical part of the Master includes five modules: Development Economics, Quantitative Techniques, Human Development, Food Security, and Rural Development. The Module on Human Development, in particular, consists of about 80 hours of lectures held by several experts involved in the HDCA Association.

All the master activities are in English. The Master comprised a total of 60 credits (ECTS) for a total of 1.500 hours.
Students have to discuss their final thesis or internship report again in Rome.
To apply and to have info about the costs, check the MASTER HDFS website
Threes scholarship are available. Please find more info at this link:

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