The South African Regional Network is an informal association of passionate colleagues who are exploring the reach of the Capability Approach in their various sectors. For now there is a focus on higher education and social justice and also the water sector but we hope to expand the reach of the CA into other sectors. The Regional Network recently hosted Martha Nussbaum through the NRF Chair of Higher Education and Human Development at the University of the Free State. We are hoping todevelop a country seminar series where we explore the applicability of the CAwithin the Southern African context. We will also seek ways to extend our reach into the SADC region and to attract the attention of scholars and policy makersin the Region as a whole. We currently have Master’s and Doctoral students working on the CA from Cameroon, Kenya, Malawi, Lesotho, Rwanda, South African and Zimbabwe and a number of research projects using human development and the CA as a theoretical framework for empirical investigations.


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