Francophone Africa Network

This network brings together scholars and practitioners interested in the Capability Approach who are from, or are focusing on, Francophone countries in West, Central and North Africa, as well as Islands such as Madagascar and Seychelles. The network not only responds to the particular needs of a linguistic minority in HDCA, but also aims to examine how the CA is shedding new lights on the multidimensional challenges that the region is facing and the sources of inequality in access to a better life. When necessary, activities will be bilingual (French and English) in order to include colleagues working on similar challenges in Anglophone Africa.

Activities : The RN organizes quarterly video meetings to share news and prepare activities such as participation in conferences, developing a bibliography data base, organizing webinars and meetings, submitting research projects across countries and linking with African associations with similar aims. Current activities include the organization of a session at the Sofia Conference, planning a webinar early November on Negative Capabilities, working on the bibliography and on a first research project on violence against women, comparing different countries.


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