Ethics and Development

The HDCA Ethics and Development Study Group brings together a range of interested thinkers and practitioners concerned with ethics in both its theoretical and applied forms. While the group engages with a wide range of topics relating to development – including culture and identity, democracy, environment, gender, justice, rights and poverty – it will also be concerned with theoretical issues, such as the merits of alternative ethical theories.


Activities will include regular meetings at such venues as HDCA, International Development Ethics Association conferences, and other regional and international associations in both North and South. The group will particularly promote the publication of work by younger scholars. Group activities will aim to include both theorists and practitioners interested in the relevance of ethics to concrete problems.


Rhyddhi Chakraborty
American University of Sovereign Nations, United States
Rhyddhi Chakraborty currently works as Visiting Professor of Philosophy and Global Health in American University of Sovereign Nations, Arizona, United States.

Karie Cross
American University, Washington, D.C., United States

Mitu Sengupta


Johannes Waldmüller
Universidad de las Américas, Ecuador
Johannes M. Waldmueller has been TG coordinator since 2015. He is Research Professor at the Universidad de las Américas, Quito, working broadly on intercultural translations of ethical values in development, food politics, human rights and sustainability (SDGs). In addition, he is Vice-President of Kompreno International (, conducting commissioned research for the international, public and private sector in East Africa and Andean Latin America.