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Human Development &
Capability Association

Multi-Disciplinary and People-Centred

Graduate Student Network

NEW! Click here to watch the first in a series of video conversations with HDCA Fellows speaking about how they first came across the Capability Approach and how it has informed their research and careers. Advice to early career researchers included!

The overall purpose of GSN is:
To create a platform through HDCA for graduate students to further their work on themes related to the Capabilities Approach (CA), and to share knowledge and experience.


  • Exchange different perspectives on concepts and themes
  • Assist graduate students to enhance knowledge and improve the quality of their research work


  • Share bibliography and other resources
  • Disseminate comments and feedback on common research areas
  • Facilitate theme-based discussions
  • Exchange research experiences and practical problems
  • Strengthen the role and involvement of graduate students in HDCA Future Plans
  • Panel presentations at the next HDCA conference



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Videos & Webinars

Democratising Measurement: A Case Study from Well-Being Public Policy

Anna Alexandrova, Reader in Philosophy of Science at the Department of History and Philosophy of Science in University Cambridge and a Fellow of King’s College
Mark Fabian, Research Associate (postdoc) at the Bennett Institute for Public Policy in the University of Cambridge

There is now widespread recognition that well-being, educational success, fairness, equality, poverty, etc. are value-laden. There is less agreement on a responsible way of measuring their value. This is a tricky issue for public policy because governments need effective measures for benchmarking, impact evaluation, and other forms of accountability, but would ideally like to leave value judgements to citizens. Our research explores the potential of coproduction mechanisms to chart a course through these dilemmas. We present a case study from our work around coproducing a theory and measure/s of thriving for the national poverty charity Turn2Us.

HDCA Webinar 2021 Graduate Student Network
91 minutes

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